This leaderboard is based on all Critical Ops Tournaments hosted via our Discord Bot.
The rating of a player depends on their average individual performance in their played matches.

This rating formula has been developed to represent player performance in a objective way based on statistics only.
The GamesFactor M3 value depends on context and for the global player leaderboards has been set to 20. That means any player with less than 20 maps will receive a penalty on their rating. This avoids cases where a player can raise to the top of the leaderboards by performing well on their very first map.
In instances where ratings are displayed for a tournament, such as on Circuit streams, the GamesFactor M3 value is set at 5 instead.
the Tournament Weight value depends on the importance of a tournament. The Circuit Final Tournaments have the highest weight with a value of 175%, while Golden Ox has the lowest value with 20%. Tournaments such as the Circuit Main Tournaments, the Embers of Victory series and the Phoenix Tournament have a weight of 100%.

In order to set the ceiling of the rating at about 2.0, the rating is scaled by a factor of 2.25.