Players on this blacklist are not allowed to compete in our Critical Ops tournaments.
Depending on the misdemeanor, a player will be either permanently or temporarily blacklisted.

Blacklisted players will not be able to use this website or our Discord Bot for the duration of their ban, however team leaders are advised to confirm none of their players is blacklisted under another account.

    Such misdemeanors include, but are not limited to:
  • Third-party software interfering with the game
  • Playing with multiple accounts
  • Offensive behaviour
  • Unable to play on livestream without prior notice to the organiser
  • Cooperating with a cheater
  • Involvement in any kind of arrangements that cause a tournament to progress unnaturally

Only in cases where there is hard evidence against a player will they be placed into this blacklist.
Under most circumstances, this evidence will remain private.
The blacklisted player and their captain if applicable may contest each ban once, and only within 30 days of being placed into the blacklist. The only exception to this rule is if evidence for a ban is proven to be invalid.